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Fri, Jun 03


Esc wood matt

Breathe to shine retreat

With Christina and Aurelia Limited number of places.

No tickets currently available.
Breathe to shine retreat
Breathe to shine retreat

Zeit & Ort

Jun 03, 2022, 4:30 PM GMT+2 – Jun 05, 2022, 6:00 PM GMT+2

Esc wood matt, Galleli, 6182 Escholzmatt, Switzerland

Über den Event

Let us shine -  Let us connect

Dive into the healing spaces of breath and community with us. 

Connect to your deeper essence and find your way back to your true glow. Let us shine together!

Together we travel through 4 magical, deep, connecting days.       _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3- 3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99- a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511- 2eb009ed8a2d_ _8df6fbcc-43 d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3- 3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99- a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511- 2eb009ed8a2d_      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d__8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511 -2eb009ed8a2d_      _8df6fbcc -43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3 -3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99 -a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511 -2eb009ed8a2d__8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2 d_      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_     _8df6fbcc-43d3- 3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_

Cleanse us of old, worn-out shiftsbreath workandholotropic breathing,connect us here with the healing inner wisdom, intuition and instinct and experience cosmic as well as human healing encounters. A place of safety and relaxation, adventure, relief and community awaits you. Dance, yoga, mantra and encounter accompany us these days as well as delicious and healthy food and a wonderful place in nature.

We are really looking forward to this special retreat... and you!

Christina & Aurelia <3

AboveAurelia&breath work

Aurelia is a trauma & craniosacral therapist and finds her full passion in being human. She loves to accompany people back to their center with different tools and to meet each other from there, the beautiful, relaxed and true place.

Breathwork is a tool that reconnects the human being with the body, emotions and thus the core. Since the mental part is very large in our society, breathing creates space to regain balance and digest pent-up matter - just like animals do by shaking after shock. Breathwork connects with parts that run in the subconscious. In stressful situations, the breath helps to stay in the center and to create basic trust.

AboveChristina&Holotropic Breathing

Christina is a Transpersonal Body Therapist and Facilitator forHolotropic Breathing(Grof Legacy) and finds fulfillment in giving other people spaces in which healing and becoming whole can happen.

Holotropic breathing leads to safe, substance-free, expanded spaces of consciousness that contain great potential for transformation. Different levels can be experienced, including one's own biography, perinatal states. transpersonal realms and spiritual dimensions. All experiences are based on the striving of one's own organism to cleanse itself and to let the energy flow freely again. This is how deep joy, relaxation, strength and vitality develop. The original essence becomes accessible again.

Daily structure Friday:

from 5.00 p.m. arrival/ 6.30 p.m. dinner/ 7.30 p.m. night session

Daily structure Saturday:

8:00 am morning session / 9:00 am light breakfast, fasting / 10:00 am holotropic breathing / 1:00 pm light breakfast, fasting / 3:00 pm holotropic breathing / 6:30 pm dinner / 7:30 pm sharing / end in community

Daily structure Sunday:

08.30h Light Breakfast/ 10.00h Morning Session / 12.00h Lunch / 14.00h Afternoon Session / 17.00h Dinner


datePentecost, Friday, June 3, arrival from 5 p.m., Goodbye Sunday June 5 around 6 p.m

Attendeesmax 14 people

LocationGalleli, Escholzmatt, Lucerne hinterland

PriceSeminar costs 680 CHF (incl. fixed costs approx. 220 CHF)

Low budget possible on request

Roommax 8 dorms, in the cozy, wooden attic, on request there is also a yurt with surcharge

meal2 meals vegan/vegetarian (brunch, dinner & fruit in between)

if you only want to eat vegan, get in touch with us :)

General terms and conditions:

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. Aurelia Amrein & Christina Grieshaber assume no liability for any damage.

In the event of cancellation (due to illness, accident, etc.), your private insurance will cover the costs.

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  • Breathe to shine retreat

    3-6 June 2022

    CHF 680.00
    Sale ended


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