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Thai Yoga Massage

I offer a holistic healing session in combination with Thai Yoga Massage and chakra clearing.

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What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage effectively combines elements of acupressure, passive yoga (stretching), meditation and energy work. It`s never just about a single area of the body. As with other treatment methods from the Far East, the traditional Thai Yoga Massage always focuses on the whole person. It is a technique that works primarily with pressure massage, gentle stretching and other massage techniques. Individual parts of the body can also be treated in combination with oil. The Thai Yoga Massage takes place in comfortable, light clothing on a mat. It is typically a full body massage.

Thai yoga massage effect

Thai Yoga Massage  leads to great deep relaxation and helps to restore energetic and physical balance. It also strengthens the self-healing powers.
Shamanic energy medicine and chakra clearing complement this offer and also get the currents of life flowing. Your whole system experiences profound harmonization, regeneration and balance.

Back pain and other physical complaints and blockages can be treated as well as purely emotional and psychological life issues. And even if you don`t have any symptoms, it makes sense to do something good for yourself, to strengthen your balance and health and to enjoy a soothing massage.


1 hour - CHF 125

45 minutes - CHF 80

Book online now

Nötzlistrasse 14 8049 Zurich / / place variable (practice or at your home)

possible times

Wednesday afternoon / Thursday afternoon / Saturday

Registration will be closed 7 days before the start of the session.

48h before the start without fees: Please contact me at least 48 hours before the planned session if you want to postpone it.

customer testimonials


Wonderful and mindful Thai yoga massage that leaves you with a pleasant and relaxed feeling. Gladly again!

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