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Yoga, self-exploration, holotropic breathing, as well as body and energy work are aspects that have accompanied me  intensively in my own life for almost 20 years and have supported me a lot on my own journey through life. During this time I came back to myself and now live my life more and more from the natural being.

The yogaTeacher - Training took me to India and the 5 year training in Transpersonal Psychology & Holotropic Breathwork enriches my life a lot. Further training and further education over several years shape my professional career and serve as valuable tools for my clients and my own life. These include, for example, art therapy, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (valid in Germany), energetic healing, systemic therapies and shamanism.

My own longing for real love and peace in myself and my life, but also in the world itself, as well as spiritual questions about the meaning of life, about eternity and who I really am, put me on the path of self-discovery that I am after accompanied as before. 

Today I find it essential that people set out on their own responsibility to clarify, cleanse and transform their lives - thus giving themselves and the collective authentic healing, love and peace and living in joy.

To feel fully reconnected with your innermost core, your original nature, your heart, the spiritual levels of our being, as well as with this earth and the people...Promoting this is a matter close to my heart and so I support and accompany people on their individual journey of change towards more love, clarity, joy, strength and connectedness in life.



Self-exploration through meditation and breathwork has been part of my eventful life for over thirty years. Who am I? Where do I come from? It is wonderful to come back to the one great stillness again and again through such explorations!


The love affair with Christina gives me daily inspiration to discover myself further. What is it that connects me? What is it that separates me? Why am I the way I am? ...To get deeper and deeper into my loving and happy core!

In my second job, I take care of green buildings. I love running and nature.



Nina Ingold

Psychotherapist FSP / Yoga teacher

When I got to know yoga at the age of 18, I knew that I had found my spiritual home in it. In addition, my own process is characterized by holotropic breathing, healing rituals of shamanic origin, Reiki, naturopathy, as well as various training courses and personal experiences in psychotherapy. In the understanding of serving life as a whole through this work, I would like to pass on my experiences as a yoga teacher and psychotherapist and support others on their way to reconnection.

As a specialist psychologist for FSP psychotherapists with a neuropsychological background, I represent an integrative approach in which I combine systemic, behavioral therapy and body-oriented (SOMA-Embodiment®) methods. My background as a yoga teacher is always included, so that spirituality and exercises from yoga (body, breath, meditation) can also be found in my work.

The joy of learning and curiosity, the desire to understand things and my fellow human beings, to protect nature and all life and to alleviate suffering... This is part of my nature, as is the self-image of constantly developing myself as a person, taking responsibility and taking on my own as well as transgenerational ones to process and let go of issues. All this to be able to live more and more in harmony with my original essence and to make the world a little healthier.  


Yogi / yoga teacher

Johannes is an experienced yogi and yoga teacher. He teaches mainly in Zurich.

He teaches yoga philosophy at various yoga schools, he is co-founder of the Yogaga study Switzerland,

he holds a professorship for yoga at a renowned university in Madrid and he works passionately

gladly and regularly outside of the yoga bubble with all forms of yoga:

in schools, clinics and large companies.

He got to know and appreciate holotropic breathing 20 years ago. He has

completed three sessions per year in a professionally protected setting for many years.

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Yoga teacher / breathworker

I completed several years of yoga training at Yoga Vidya in the tradition of Swami Sivananda. My yoga classes include not only classic hatha yoga, but also restorative and kundalini sequences, sound treatments and yoga philosophy from the Krishna-Bhakti tradition.

My spiritual name is "Madhur Vani Devi" which means "sweet voice" - derived from my love for music.

After a serious back injury in the mid-1990s, I discovered yoga as a healing therapy. This enabled me to live pain-free and stable again, as well as to increase and improve body tension and posture. After an addiction, the yoga philosophy and breathing work helped me to return to a life without substances.

What you can expect: Essential oils, small massage impulses, sound and energy healing, yoga philosophy, hot stones, mantra chanting, breathwork, hatha, kundalini and restorative yoga.

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