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Your very personal journey of vision!
do you wishChange, freedom, livelinessand want morejoyand yourpowerfeel again? Is life shaking you right now or is it stuck in certain areas? Do you want to go deeperfeel connectedwith yourself and others? Are you perhaps at a fork in the road in your life and making a wishorientation and clarity? Or are you in a spiritual crisis, doenergetic/spiritual experienceswho want to be fully integrated

or long forConnection to your essenceand to thespiritual dimensions of our existence?

theVisionJourneycan support you wonderfully in all this and to moreclarityand deepertransformationcontribute. Seven powerful sessions are part of this special journey. underneathHolotropic Breathing/Healing Bodywork/energy medicine/vision questin the nature/Healing Integration

The aim is always that your whole being can unfold and relax and that your energies are freely available to you again.


A special psycho-spiritual coaching experience.


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