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Transpersonal Coaching


A special path of self-awareness

Today, transpersonal psychology is a mainstay of psychology and has established itself internationally alongside behaviorism, humanistic psychology and depth psychology. In contrast to the classic methods, the aim here is to accompany people beyond their self-awareness and to take spiritual experiences into account.

In an expanded state of consciousness, the human realizes that he is more than personality, role or life story and transcends the ordinary boundaries of space and time. This larger frame of reference, which can be experienced above all through holotropic breathing, provides deep insights into the essence of being human, which decisively promotes personal development.

Transpersonal Psychology combines traditional wisdom teachings and modern psychology. Findings from near-death, consciousness research, neurobiology, new physics and reports from mystics flow into their concepts. Another important goal is to get the dialogue between psychotherapy and spirituality going.

Transpersonal psychology sees the self, the essence of man, not related solely to personality like traditional psychology, but openly to the suprapersonal, hence the term transpersonal.

The transpersonal self or inner wisdom is the key to holistic healing. Unexpected potential and resources can be released when the self that is enfolded in the human being becomes accessible. Life then acquires a new quality, and man gains access to a more comprehensive and alert consciousness.

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