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Sun, Mar 06



Holotropic Breathwork & Sound Day Retreat

With Christina. In warm cooperation with Vani Devi. limited number of seats

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Holotropic Breathwork & Sound Day Retreat
Holotropic Breathwork & Sound Day Retreat

Zeit & Ort

Mar 06, 2022, 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Zurich, Steinwiesstrasse 9a, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland

Über den Event

Holotropic Breathwork & Sound Day Retreat

deep release

Immerse yourself in the winter rest and breathe freely. 

Let go of the old and worn out and meet your own inner wisdom and essence.

In this workshop we will devote ourselves entirely to inner cleansing and through yoga, energizing physical exercises and holotropic breathing we will experience an inner transformation that strengthens us, opens us and promotes connection. You have the opportunity to experience a full breathing session (duration approx. 2-3 hours) and immediately after the holotropic breathing, soothing sounds, scents and gentle vibrations envelop you and help you to ground yourself completely, to make space for the new in you give and expand within you.

Yoga Spirit House in Zurichnear Kunsthaus

Doors open: 9:15 am

Start & end: 9:30 a.m. to approx. 6:00 p.m

Workshop costs:  149 CHF (limited number of participants) ​

Low budget price possible on request 

Bring along

Please bring a light blanket and comfortable clothing.

Optional: pillow, blindfold

Holotropic BreathingWithChristina

A simple and powerful breathing technique, as well as accompanying music, lead you into a consciousness-expanding state   and help you to release blocked energies, to connect with your life energy, to experience more depth and contact with yourself and others and thus becoming happier and more fulfilled.

Holotropic Breathwork   connects you to your innermost core, your heart and your own wisdom. This unfolds serenity, energy, joy, freedom and liveliness in you and your life.

A breath journey takes about 2-3 hours.

After the breathing experience there is an integrating sharing in the group.


A sound treatment with tuning forks and singing bowls works through fine vibrations that arise when playing. The entire body comes into harmonic vibrations.Since the body consists largely of water, the liquid is set in motion by the vibrations. This creates an inner massage and revitalization of the body cells.

A sound treatment can work wonders, especially against stress. The worries, tensions and blockages accumulated in everyday stress can be released through the sounds and vibrations in the body and in the energy field. In addition, the sound activates and strengthens our immune system and promotes life energy. Body and mind are equally addressed on a deep level, blocked chakras are opened and energies can flow freely.

In this session, after the breathwork part, when you lie on your back in relaxation, I will give sound impulses with various singing bowls and tuning forks on the solar plexus, heart and shoulder area.

Effect / contraindication

This workshop is not suitable for people with ​cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, epilepsy, severe diabetes, severe asthma, psychoses or other severe mental illnesses, glaucoma, aneurysms, pregnancy, as well as for children and young people. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Confidentiality / Responsibility

Since a personal admission is always a very intimate matter, we want the impressions of this event to be treated discreetly. As with all our events, personal responsibility applies. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Any liability is rejected. ​

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