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Do you feel the desire in you to live freer, happier and more authentically?

Why Coaching?

You know those days that are kind of almost magical, when you wake up feeling good, like you are in love with life and everything is easy and flowing? Or do you not know them and long for them?

These states are incredibly valuable, wonderful moments and we can do our part to ensure that we are energetically as free and flowing as possible, so that more and more lightness, liveliness, joy and natural energy flow can spread in our lives.

Perhaps you are also in a challenging time in your life and you long for support or difficult feelings and conditions are surfacing that hinder and complicate your life.

Perhaps you also have physical ailments that cannot be healed satisfactorily from a purely medical point of view, or relationships and partnerships simply don`t work out!

Dissatisfaction at work or difficulties in decision-making processes can also be an issue, as can psychosomatic disorders (e.g. depression/burn out).

What happens in such a Coaching?

Not all issues can be solved quickly and easily, but positive changes often occur very quickly when we start to cleanse ourselves and become more aware of our blockages. In this way we create wonderful conditions for a free-flowing, fulfilled and healthy life. As with cleaning a house, we create order layer by layer, room by room, thus creating harmony and a free flow of energy. Remove dirt, blockages and old ballast or garbage and experience profound positive changes. Such energetic cleansing most often involves layers of the emotional body as well. When we open ourselves to our feelings, the energy begins to flow and healing order can re-establish itself in a self-organizing manner. Old stored stress is discharged and life energy is released and is available to us again.

Self-healing powers become active on all levels.

Who is Coaching suitable for?

This coaching is suitable for all people who are really ready for positive and strong changes in their lives!People who are willing to look in their own mirror and leave old, worn-out patterns and energies behind in order to become truly free for the fullness of life.

For all people who want holistic coaching that also includes the spiritual levels of our consciousness.

How I work in coaching..

I work very intuitively and deeply connected with the healing powers. Various methods can be used, including shamanic energy medicine, energetic healing, breathwork, art therapy, bodywork, craniosacral, IBP.

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